Smallest Cutest Animals in the World

Excluding a few things (and women can confirm that!), small is usually extremely cute. This stands for animals especially and fortunately there are so many species of incredibly small animals that we can go “Awww” every few minutes. So take … Read more

10 More Incredible Contortionist Women

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Caricatures of the Big Movie Stars

We all have a favorite actor (most likely to be found in the images below) and we probably envy them a little bit for their worry-free lifestyle, because they are beautiful and famous and they have the entire world at … Read more

Chitika Goes for Misleading Advertising?

For the past few days, my eyes have been bombarded with Chitika ads (on Google AdSense, which is even funnier imho), where they use the image of Darren Rowse, one of the best known ProBloggers, in which he says: “Chitika … Read more

How to Make an Exploding Drink with Mentos and Coke

The folks over at Wired’s How To decided to teach all prank-master wannabes lesson in style: a practical and really easy to make dirty prank, involving the “classic” mix of Coke and Mentos. The result is an incredibly “exploding“ drink … Read more

Movie Review: The Secret of Moonacre

The Secret of Moonacre can safely be described as a family-friendly fantasy adventure, most suitable for tweens and those wishing to watch a fantasy/fantastic movie set in a truly novelesque setting. Except for that, don’t expect to get too much … Read more

The Three Best Funny Mothers Day Poems

Today is Mother’s Day and we need to be prepared with the best for our mothers. If you want to keep the humor high, I have selected the three best funny Mothers Day poems you can dedicate to your mother … Read more