Happy Diablo 3 Day from the Perfect Girlfriend

I guess that very few women or girls in this world could be described as the “perfect girlfriend” but this girl certainly deserves that award. Let’s see why!

As you may (or may not) know, on May 15th one of the most anticipated computer games of the decade was launched: Diablo 3, and obviously it was a day that every geek and nerd in the world wanted to celebrate in the same way: by playing Diablo 3.

And what this girl did was absolutely amazing: she made a cake to help the guy celebrate the Diablo 3 day. And probably allowed him to eat the cake alone and then enjoy his game.

That’s absolutely awesome (not to mention the fact that the girl herself is absolutely stunning!):

Happy Diablo day

Now do it so that your girlfriends “accidentally” reach this page. Maybe they will learn something… Or just share it with the world so that the entire male population on Earth will benefit from this.

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