100 Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Friends, Colleagues or Significant Other [TOP IDEAS]

Are you looking for some good conversation starters? Do you want to know what the other person is really thinking about? If so, then this article has 100 yes or no questions that will get the ball rolling.

These are questions that you can ask your friends, colleagues and significant others alike. They are designed to help build trust and intimacy with those around us but also to keep the conversation going, despite their quick resolution.

So let’s get this started and get some inspiration below!

Yes or No Questions to ask new colleagues at work

yes or no questions to ask at work

If you are new in the office, these questions will help break the ice and get you going. (Don’t forget to read all the other questions below, as many can be safely asked in a work environment).

1. Do you know your coworkers?

2. Have you ever worked with a sociopath before?

3. Would you say that most of the people here are hardworking?

4. Are you able to relax after work?

5. Would you rather be famous or extremely successful?

6. Do you think too much emphasis is put on appearances these days?

7. Do you have a retirement account?

8. Do you think it’s important to have a busy social life?

9. Have you ever purchased a home?

10. Do you think that the office is too crowded?

Yes or No Question Ideas to ask your new friends

yes or no questions to ask friends

11. Do you think that it’s important to have a lot of money?

12. Are there any situations when cheating is acceptable in your mind? (If they say no, then ask them if their significant other has ever cheated.)

13. Do you think people can change their personalities as they get older?

14. Is it hard for you to apologize when you’re wrong?

15. Do you like trying new foods?

16. Have you ever buried a time capsule?

17. Do you let people in easily?

18. Do you have any friends that are not at your level of intelligence?

19. Do you think people are too sensitive about their image these days?

20. Is it ever okay for a friend to be late when meeting up with another person?

21. Have you ever been arrested?

22. Did you enjoy going to school?

23. Can you handle being around someone who is negative all the time?

24. Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal?

25. Have your friends ever betrayed or disappointed you before?

26. Have you ever been in a physical fight with someone before?

27. Would you say that most of the people in your area are kind?

28. Do you think it’s better to be single than to be married and unhappy?

29. Have you ever done anything illegal before?

30. Do you believe that people are more likely to be friends with someone because of their social status?

31. Have you ever had a bad breakup?

32. Have you ever been lost in the wilderness?

33. Have you ever followed an embarrassing trend?

34. Do you think it’s important to take the time out for yourself?

35. Do you like receiving presents?

36. Have you ever had a little crush on one of your friends before?

37. Have your parents ever embarrassed you in front of friends before?

38. Are there times when you are just too lazy to get out of bed and go somewhere interesting?

39. Have you ever had to throw up in public?

40. Did you memorize the menu at your favorite restaurant?

Yes or No Questions for your Significant Other

yes or no questions to ask partner

While you can ask most of the questions above without any worries – they are actually really good when getting into a new relationship – the questions below are a bit more couples-related.

41. Is it important for couples to have similar interests and hobbies in order to maintain a successful relationship?

42. Would you say that you are very good at making plans?

43. Are your friends mostly the same gender as yourself?

44. Do you think people spend too much time on their cell phones these days instead of communicating traditionally with others?

45. Do you think that there is too much emphasis on physical appearance these days?

46. Do you fall asleep easily?

47. Would you ever want to have kids?

48. Do you think that if someone truly loves another person then they will do whatever is necessary to make them happy, even if those things are not always easy or convenient?

49. Would you ever get plastic surgery if it was free?

50. Do you like to take pictures of yourself and post them on social media?

51. Do you think that there are situations when cheating on your partner is considered acceptable?

52. Do you consider kissing another person, when in a relationship, cheating?

53. Do you ever get nervous when talking to someone attractive?

54. Is it really necessary for couples to share certain interests in order to be successful together?

55. Do you feel like it’s necessary to have a lot of physical contact with someone when first getting to know them romantically?

56. Is PDA (Public Display of Affection) OK with you or not?

57. Would you consider yourself a messy person?

58. Do you like the attention of others when they are talking about you or complimenting your appearance?

59. Would it bother you if your significant other was friends with one of their ex-partners ?

60. Do you think that you could be in a relationship that your parents don’t approve?

61. Do you think that you could be in a relationship that your friends don’t approve?

62. Do you know how your best friend would describe you in one word?

63. Would you say that good communication is an important part in keeping a happy and healthy relationship?

64. Is there anything that you want to change about yourself?

65. Do you think people need more than one partner in a lifetime to fully experience love and happiness with someone else?

66. Do you ever get angry at yourself for things that have been said or done in the past?

67. Is there anything embarrassing from your childhood that other people may not know about?

68. Do you prefer to keep your feelings hidden from somebody you have a crush on?

69. Would it bother you if your significant other had a secret admirer?

70. Do you believe in soul mates?

Random and Funny Yes or No Questions to Ask

random and funny yes or no questions

You might not want to ask your friends and family some of the more serious questions listed above. That’s why we have put together a list of funny or just random yes or no questions that you can use instead!

71. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

72. Do you enjoy being in large crowds of people?

73. Do you find yourself attracted to people who are already in a relationship?

74. Do you ever spend time staring at your crush and wondering what they might be thinking about?

75. Are there any songs that make you sad every single time that you hear them, no matter how happy the lyrics actually are?

76. Do you find yourself secretly singing in the shower when nobody else is around?

77. Did you ever steal anything significant?

78. Did you have a crush on a cartoon character?

79. Have you ever fallen asleep during school class?

80. Have you ever said a great joke so many times that you no longer found it funny?

81. Have you ever ate so much food that you threw up eventually?

82. Have you ever cried during a movie?

83. Have you ever had to go the hospital for any reason other than an emergency?

84. Do you find yourself not caring about things that most people seem to get upset over?

85. Do you take your phone with you everywhere?

86. Was there a time in your life when you regularly stayed up until the early hours of the morning?

87. Have you ever gotten so drunk that things become a little bit hazy afterwards?

88. Have you ever farted so loud in public that other people heard it?

89. Have you ever went in public wearing your shirt inside out?

90. Have you ever had a nightmare where you were being chased by something or someone and the feeling stayed with you even after waking up?

91. Have you ever been on television before, whether it was news coverage of an event that involved yourself or as an extra in a movie scene?

92. Do your friends look up to you as the person who has their back and will be there for them no matter what?

93. Have you ever tried playing a new sport or activity by yourself?

94. Do people tend to ask your opinion on things that they are stuck in the middle of deciding whether it is something that they should do or not?

95. Do you find yourself getting emotionally attached to fictional characters?

96. Have you ever tried eating a bug on purpose before, even though it was disgusting and not worth the taste that came afterwards?

97. Did you ever poop in a public restroom, only to find out afterwards that there’s no toilet paper?

98. Have you ever made your parents cry?

99. Have you ever had a crush on someone who is your best friend?

100. Do you find yourself listening to the same song over and over again without getting bored of it?

Wrapping up

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading through these 100 yes or no questions to ask your friends, colleagues or significant other.

Don’t forget that, even though these can be easily answered with either an “Yes” or a “No,” all of them can be used to spark a conversation or keep one going.

Just asking for more details will help you get going and better know the person or persons you’re talking to.

But even if you choose not to get into details, these questions are good enough to help you learn more about your new friends or partner.

If you have some other suggestions of great Yes or No questions, let us all know below.

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