How to Make More Money as a Webcam Model: 23 TOP Tips [2022 Guide]

If you started webcam modeling, you probably know already it’s not as easy to make a ton of money as some people let you believe. But today we’re here to help you increase the earnings with some simple tips and tricks that will help you ear more as a webcam model.

This information will be useful both for beginners and experienced models who wish to significantly increase their income.

Let’s imagine… At a certain time on a particular website, there is a limited number of members who want to communicate with an attractive girl and are ready to spend some money to do so.

On this same online resource, there are hundreds of girls fighting for that limited number of people and ready to go the extra mile to lure them in and keep them hooked.


In the end, the job of a webcam model is relatively easy, interesting and profitable, so the competition is tough.

To attract the attention of as many members as possible, it is not enough to just stand out among the other girls; you also need to take care of many other technical and organizational aspects to maximize profits from each client.

To earn the more as a webcam model, here are the things you should do:

1. Time

In video chats, the payment is per minute, so the earnings of web models directly depend on the time spent in the paid chat.

To get more time, try to create a connection with your customers – repeat customers are easy money!

Try to talk to people, get to know them better and have them not only spill their soul first (ahem!) but also give them a reason to come back.

The more time you can hold them in, the better – and the easiest way to do so is by establishing a connection.

2. Experience. 

Beginners usually need a couple weeks to settle in and establish themselves.

With experience comes understanding how to behave in front of the camera, what members like, how they can be tempted into private chat, and what models should do in a private chat for users to stay there as long as possible and return to the same model again and again.

Use any opportunity to express yourself: concentrate a lot of effort and time during the promo-period, participate in various promotions, and fill out your profile with interesting information, photos and videos.

3. Appearance. 

Nowadays, it is important for any girl to pay attention to her appearance and look manicured. It is also one of the main things in the webcam industry, because men love with their eyes.

Watch your weight, work out, get regular manicures and pedicures, take care of your face, body and hair, and the results will exceed all your expectations.

webcam models mysteryous lady

4. Activity. 

Successful webcam models constantly stir up interest, updating photos and video materials in their profiles, keeping a mini diary about their feelings and fantasies, and responding to messages from members.

Some girls create fake pages on social networks with links to their accounts on webcam sites, thus drawing in even more customers and earning extra money to attract users.

5. Camera. 

The decision of each particular user to stay in your video chat or not directly depends on the quality of the picture. So it is essential to have a good camera – probably one of the most important technical aspects of the job!

6. Internet speed. 

At a low Internet speed, the picture may be frozen or transmitted with interruptions in the form of separate frames. Seeing this, most users will move on to a better video.

Therefore, make sure that before even starting this, you have a solid internet connection with high upload and download speeds.

7. High-speed PC. 

To process and transfer video data, you need a high-speed personal computer or laptop.

You can get a good laptop for webcam modeling for a low price nowadays – but do make sure that you invest in a product that is ready and capable of doing the job well.

8. Lighting. 

A dull, dark picture is doomed to fail, so set up the necessary light sources, try different combinations, experiment with the location, and the results will be positive.

9. Interior. 

No matter how attractive a girl may be, if she sits in the background on a worn sofa and an old carpet, the sight will be pathetic and dull.

Therefore, set up the interior carefully, and if you are short of finances, rent an apartment or at least try to find a way to get furniture that is in better shape.

You can periodically change your workplace from the bedroom to the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, and keep it fresh for your clients.

10. Schedule. 

Based on your individual employment, design a suitable schedule for yourself, post it in your accounts on websites and try to stick to it. This way, regular customers will know when you will be online and will be able to adjust to your schedule.

11. Smile and talk. 

A smile encourages communication, which is why men come on the video chats as opposed to just watching a video or going for the real deal.

Many of them are too shy and are too nervous to start the conversation, so you need to greet the new visitor in the chat.

Tired after a hard working day, they typically choose girls who actively take the initiative. They don’t want to work; they just want to relax so make it easy for them to do it.

computer webcam

12. Constant users. 

Sometimes men fall in love with pretty girls online and buy them their coffee for years, so to speak…

Constant users = a stable income, as we discussed already.

The feeling of confidence in the future raises a sense of self-confidence and allows you to make plans for the future.

13. Variety in video and images. 

Do you already have constant users? Great! First of all, think about the various images users can see of you.

Men quickly get tired of monotony and routine. If you want to attract specific members for as long as possible, create different styles in your appearance and behavior, and expand the collection of your clothes.

14. Don’t fight with trolls…

…and don’t scare regular customers. Very few people like angry, aggressive girls and if they’d like you to be like that, they’ll say it.

15. Your pose. 

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. Meet the guests of your video chat in a spectacular pose to attract attention and evoke «love» at first glance.

Add intrigue – let the members guess whether you are wearing or what kind of toy you have hidden or prepared for the current show.

16. Face. 

Healthy skin and properly selected makeup significantly increase your chances of success. There was a survey conducted by a camming website a few years ago that confirmed this.

As it turns out, most men primarily pay attention to girls’ faces, and not to their breast, legs or behind.

Rehearse your facial expressions in front of the mirror: be able to show sincere surprise or joy, fervent laughter, flirtatious smiles, languid looks, passionate moans, wild cries and so on.

17. Learn to play for time in private. 

However, don’t move too slowly. It’s annoying and a member can leave a paid chat at any time. Observe certain limits.

The greatest success is achieved by mysterious girls who beckon and recede smoothly. This is a complicated science, but we’re sure that you can do it!

18. Your private price. 

Try setting a different price and seeing if you increase your earnings. There is an opinion that too low of a payment attracts two-minute men. Due to the level of competition, sometimes it’s worth trying different variants, especially as a beginner.

19. Use toys. 

Toys make the show more vivid and interesting, stirring up the imagination and desires of the members.

girl with teddy bear

There are certainly surprising beautiful girls who can hit the jackpot without any particularly special, but the average webcam model with toys will earn more than she would without them.

You can also get a step ahead and get toys that can be controlled by your viewers – this will make them stay for longer, although in all reality it’s not going to be extremely pleasant for you. But it’s just work…

20. Block cities, not countries. 

Why should you lose customers living in other cities in your own country? This also applies to places where foreign relatives, friends and acquaintances live.

It does make sense to block those places to avoid being found by somebody you know, but expanding this to an entire country, especially if it’s a high paying one, is a bit too much.

21. Work on several sites at the same time. 

This can increase your earnings greatly, if you make sure that the speed of the Internet and the resources of your computer allow you to work simultaneously on different sites.

22. Participate in promotions. 

Webcam sites often hold contests, stimulating models to earn more, as well as various themed events, timed for certain holidays.

Participation in promotions is a great way to advertise yourself, earn extra money, and possibly win the grand prize!

23. Foreign language skills.

The more languages you know, the wider the geography of your customers can be.

For communication in video chats, superficial knowledge of greetings, compliments and special terms is probably enough.

If you greet a Frenchman in his native language, this will at least cause a smile, and maybe even earn you a private session!

These are some of the simple secrets that will help you reach a completely different level of income and, as you can see, most of them are really easy to implement.

Do you have additional tips and advice for fellow webcam models who try to boost their income? Let us all know by sharing all your thoughts below.

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