200 Cool Gang Name Ideas: Girls-Only, Boys-Only, Mixed Gangs, Funny Names & Badass Ones

Coming up with a great name for your gang is not easy. But I am here to help you achieve perfection by sharing 200 cool gang name ideas. It’s impossible not to find a great one for your gang!

As you see in the title, I’m dividing the gang name suggestions into a few categories, to make it even easier for you to find a perfect one. Check them all though – there are amazing suggestions in each category!

Remember, when choosing that perfect name for your gang, it should resonate with the group’s identity, ethos, and maybe even a hint of humor or intimidation, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

With these in mind, let’s check out 200 gang name ideas that you will surely love!

Girls-Only Gang Names

  1. Diva Dynasty
  2. Femme Fatales
  3. Lady Legends
  4. Queen Bees
  5. Valkyrie Vanguard
  6. Siren Squad
  7. Amazonian Aces
  8. Diamond Divas
  9. Gilded Girls
  10. Rebel Roses
  11. Sapphire Sisters
  12. Velvet Vixens
  13. Midnight Mermaids
  14. Warrior Women
  15. Empress Elite
  16. Blossom Bandits
  17. Celestial Chicks
  18. Glamour Guardians
  19. Luna Ladies
  20. Posh Pirates
  21. Starlight Sirens
  22. Twilight Tigresses
  23. Urban Unicorns
  24. Venus Vanguards
  25. Wildflower Warriors
  26. Pixie Pack
  27. Charm Coven
  28. Halo Heroines
  29. Mystic Maidens
  30. Neon Nymphs
  31. Opal Outlaws
  32. Pearl Princesses
  33. Quartz Queens
  34. Ruby Rebels
  35. Sapphire Sorority
  36. Tigerlily Tribe
  37. Velvet Valkyries
  38. Witchy Women
  39. Zephyr Zealots
  40. Aurora Amazons

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Boys-Only Gang Names

  1. Alpha Alliance
  2. Blade Brotherhood
  3. Cobra Crew
  4. Dragon Dynasty
  5. Elite Emperors
  6. Falcon Fighters
  7. Ghost Guardians
  8. Hawk Hunters
  9. Iron Invincibles
  10. Jaguar Juggernauts
  11. Knight Kings
  12. Lion Legion
  13. Maverick Marauders
  14. Noble Nomads
  15. Omega Order
  16. Phantom Phalanx
  17. Quantum Quake
  18. Rogue Raptors
  19. Steel Syndicate
  20. Titan Troop
  21. Urban Uprising
  22. Viper Vanguard
  23. Wolf Warriors
  24. Xenon X-factors
  25. Yankee Yakuza
  26. Zephyr Zealots
  27. Apex Avengers
  28. Boulder Brigade
  29. Crusader Clan
  30. Dire Dragons
  31. Eclipse Elites
  32. Frost Falcons
  33. Grit Guardians
  34. Horizon Hawks
  35. Inferno Infantry
  36. Juggernaut Junta
  37. Krypton Knights
  38. Luminous Legends
  39. Monarch Mavericks
  40. Nighthawk Nomads

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Mixed Gangs Name Ideas

  1. Chaos Collective
  2. Fusion Fighters
  3. Mosaic Mavericks
  4. Spectrum Squad
  5. Unity Uprising
  6. Hybrid Heroes
  7. Polar Pioneers
  8. Dynamic Dynamos
  9. Galactic Guardians
  10. Infinity Inc.
  11. Neon Nomads
  12. Quantum Questers
  13. Radiant Rebels
  14. Solar Syndicate
  15. Twilight Titans
  16. Vanguard Voyagers
  17. Warp Warriors
  18. Xenith Xplorers
  19. Zenith Zealots
  20. Aurora Alliance
  21. Celestial Circle
  22. Elemental Elites
  23. Frontier Force
  24. Gravity Guild
  25. Horizon Heralds
  26. Ion Invaders
  27. Luminary Legends
  28. Nexus Nomads
  29. Orbital Order
  30. Prism Protectors
  31. Quasar Quixotics
  32. Stellar Sentinels
  33. Terrestrial Titans
  34. Universal Union
  35. Vector Vikings
  36. Wanderer Waves
  37. Zonal Zeppelins
  38. Ether Eagles
  39. Cosmic Crusaders
  40. Paradox Pack

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Funny Gang Names

  1. Cereal Killers
  2. Sofa King Cool
  3. The Laughing Stocks
  4. Pajama Posse
  5. Wi-Fighters
  6. The Giggle Gang
  7. Sassy Squad
  8. The Quirk Quota
  9. Banter Brigade
  10. Chuckle Champions
  11. The Snicker Seekers
  12. The Pun Pals
  13. Joke Jockeys
  14. Guffaw Guild
  15. The Wisecrackers
  16. Silly Syndicate
  17. The Gaggle of Geeks
  18. Hilarity Heroes
  19. The Zany Zealots
  20. The Kooky Klan
  21. Meme Mavericks
  22. The Chuckle Collective
  23. The Giggling Gurus
  24. The Snort Snipers
  25. The Teehee Tribe
  26. The HaHa Hood
  27. The LOL Legion
  28. The Smirk Squad
  29. The Jolly Jokers
  30. The Amused Aces
  31. The Baffled Brigade
  32. The Comedy Crew
  33. The Chucklehead Champs
  34. The Funny Flock
  35. The Glee Guild
  36. The Jest Jockeys
  37. The Laughter League
  38. The Merriment Mob
  39. The Tickle Team
  40. The Yuck Yucks

Badass Gang Names

  1. Shadow Syndicate
  2. Thunder Thieves
  3. Venom Vanguard
  4. Grim Guardians
  5. Savage Squad
  6. Death Dealers
  7. Phantom Phalanx
  8. Apocalypse Alliance
  9. Inferno Invincibles
  10. Dark Dominion
  11. Chaos Commanders
  12. Steel Storm
  13. Night Nemesis
  14. Fear Force
  15. Rage Riders
  16. Vortex Vikings
  17. Skull Saboteurs
  18. Wraith Warriors
  19. Blitz Brigade
  20. Titan Terror
  21. Onyx Outlaws
  22. Rebel Raiders
  23. Eclipse Enforcers
  24. Fury Faction
  25. Doom Division
  26. Ironclad Imperials
  27. Thunderstrike Troop
  28. Vanguard Vengeance
  29. Warpath Warriors
  30. Oblivion Order
  31. Storm Surge
  32. Renegade Regiment
  33. Dire Dragons
  34. Predator Pack
  35. Havoc Heralds
  36. Anarchy Army
  37. Blood Battalion
  38. Cataclysm Crew
  39. Desolation Disciples
  40. Ember Elite

How to Choose the Perfect Gang Name

mixed futuristic gang

Here are a few tips and tricks for choosing the absolute best gang name for your group, from my suggestions above:

1. Reflect on Your Gang’s Character

Consider the core characteristics, values, and interests of your group. Your name should reflect these elements, resonating with every member.

2. Keep It Unique and Memorable

Opt for a name that stands out and is easy to remember. Avoid overly complicated words or phrases that might be hard to recall or spell.

3. Consider Longevity

Choose a name that will stand the test of time. It should be relevant and meaningful to your gang, regardless of changes or growth.

4. Get Input from All Members

Ensure that all members have a say in the decision-making process. This not only guarantees that the name is representative but also strengthens group cohesion.

5. Test It Out

Before finalizing your choice, test the name in various contexts to ensure it sounds good, is easy to pronounce, and doesn’t have any unintended connotations.

By following these guidelines, you can select a gang name that perfectly captures the essence of your group, uniting members and making a statement in your community or chosen field.

Wrapping up

Having explored a variety of gang names across different categories, it’s essential to understand how these names can influence the group’s identity and perception.

The name you choose can significantly impact how others view your gang, so make sure to choose the right one from my list above.

If you have additional suggestions for great gang names, please share them with the world by posting a comment below.

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