All about Japanese Girls: What to Expect when Dating One

Found a Japanese girl you want to date? We are here to help you with this informative dating guide that can help you woo the Japanese girl of your dreams. So let’s learn everything about Japanese girls and women below!

Many people see Japan as one of the few countries where you will be thrown out of your comfort zone.

They have a different culture that isn’t like the Western world and they don’t usually use English to converse with other people. 

When it comes to their female population, Japanese girls are seen as cute and very youthful to look at.

However, the Japanese people are very proud of their traditions and it is very embedded in the way they work around life. It comes as no surprise that this applies to dating. 

If you are from the West or have been influenced by Western culture, dating a Japanese girl will be a challenge.

But if you are indeed focused on getting a date, what do you need to know? To answer this question, here’s our brief guide on dating Japanese girls and what you need to do to get them to say yes. 

The Dating Culture in Japan

dating Japanese Girls

Although the West is influencing Japanese society and culture, the dating culture in Japan remains as traditional as ever.

If you want to date one, you need to be familiar with their dating culture. This will reduce the chances of being “friendzoned” even if you go out with them a lot. 

Here are some of the things you need to know about Japan’s dating culture: 

Confession is Important with a Japanese Girl

Before a Japanese woman dates someone, they must receive a confession first. During this time, the partner (you) must confess your feelings to them and ask for their permission to date them.

The woman might not immediately respond to your confession. However, if they give you their consent to a date, you can slowly woo them by taking them out to eat or watch a movie. They will do their confession once they see your sincerity. 

Without a confession, you can’t say you are a dating couple. 

No PDA in Japan!

Japanese people are very reserved and value privacy, especially when it comes to their relationships.

This is the reason why you won’t normally see PDA in Japan save for holding hands.

Some also believe that PDA is a sign you are not respecting public moral sense and find it uncomfortable to do. 

No direct confession of love

You won’t easily get a Japanese woman to say “I love you” and other forms of endearment easily. They are very shy with their emotions and not as free with their emotions as that of Western women.

If you really want to see if they love you, look at their actions and expressions because it is their way of showing their love. 

Japanese girls date with marriage in mind

Younger Japanese people, especially women, are very mindful about the importance of marriage.

This is more prevalent when dating in Japan than the West. This influences how they want their relationships to go and what they are looking for in a partner. In this regards, they are very similar to Kenyan men, but you should know that they are actually open to any type of foreigner or local.

No casual dating and hookups

For Japanese people, casual dating and hookups are considered as the worst taboos that they could make.

They take their relationships seriously as there have been cases where younger Japanese people were victimized due to these types of dating. 

When you meet their parents, it is getting serious

It is normal that Japanese people don’t immediately tell their parents that they are in a relationship.

However, the reason for this is the fact they want to make sure that the one they are with is the one they will marry and be with for their rest of their life.

If you are introduced to their parents, it means that they are seriously considering you to be their partner for life. 

You will get Japanese government support

With Japan’s dwindling birth rate, the Japanese government has been taking several actions to make people to date.

One of these actions is providing financial support to newly married couples and other similar grants. 

What do Japanese girls look like?

beautiful Japanese girl

Western people usually consider Japanese girls as very cute, with a few commenting they look classy when wearing the traditional kimono. There are many reasons why they look cute for many people, even if they’re not all just as good looking as Yena from Iz*One is.

First, it could be attributed to their petite physique matching their white skin and pink blush.

They are rarely overweight and it’s not frequent to see Japanese women who do surgeries to improve their appearance.

If they were to change their appearance, they would use makeup, hair coloring and eye color contacts to improve it.

Some do undergo eye surgery to get wide eyes as Japanese people do have narrow eyes. Clothing wise, they do prefer to pick pastel colors often and they make sure it matches their entire look. 

Characteristics of Japanese girls

Japanese women have often the status of one of the most ideal women by the rest of the world.

Their poise, charisma and sense of class are one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere else.

Even if the Western world is influencing Japanese culture today, many of its traditions still hone Japanese girls today. 

Here are some of the characteristics of Japanese girls that you can expect if you are dating one: 

Japanese Girls are Independent

Although traditional gender roles are still very strong in Japan, many modern Japanese women are now becoming more independent.

They are focused on their career rather than marrying and staying at home to be a housewife. Unfortunately, this is the reason why Japan is slowly having a dwindling population. 

Japanese Women Are Very Organized

The Japanese people are known for never being late in any event they go to. If you are dating one, you need to give them the date and time of your date clearly.

They will put it on their phone calendar or in a planner they keep with them all the time. 

They Are Kind

Japanese girls are very kind and helpful and they display it in various ways such as helping to pay the bill, treating you with food and being courteous. They also won’t say rude things that much and they are also very friendly to you. 

Japanese Girls are Usually Meek

If you get into a disagreement with your Japanese date, you will notice that they will be meek and take the responsibility even if they are not the ones at fault. They will even apologize to you and do their best to be better. 

Do Japanese girls speak good English?

Japanese girl outdoors

When it comes to English, the ratio of people who are able to speak it well in Japan varies.

Younger Japanese girls are actually pretty good with the basics, but they, like other Japanese people, don’t really focus on the practical aspect of mastering the language. As a result, many only use Japanese because they are more comfortable with it and they don’t want to make a mistake. 

If you will be dating a Japanese girl, it is recommended that you have a good grasp of the Japanese language.

At the very least, be good at it for basic conversation. While some Japanese girls can speak to you in English, they will prefer speaking to you in Japanese because they can express themselves better in their own language. 

If you have prior knowledge and proficiency in Japanese, you will definitely prevent misunderstandings. If you can’t find the words to express something, that’s the time you can use English and explain to them what it means.

Some Japanese women may not be familiar with certain English expressions so you will need to be patient in explaining it to them. 

If you are not proficient with the language, don’t be disheartened. Take your conversations slowly and if you can’t understand them, ask properly.  

What to expect when dating Japanese girls?

dating Japanese Women

You will split the bill with the girl

After your date, don’t be surprised if the girl will split the bill with you. The reason for this is the fact Japanese people are very cheap.

They also believe that this is fair and improves your relationship with one another as you learn how to share responsibility.

Of course, you will need to be the one to foot the bill for special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other similar days. 

You should also bear in mind that Japan is also one of the most expensive countries to live, go out and date. It’s not like dating in Greece, where prices are cheaper.

Dates will be an entire day, especially during weekends

If you take your girl out for a date during the weekends or holidays, you need to be prepared for a whole day or half-day affair.

Some Japanese women believe that simple dates out like going out for coffee or lunch isn’t enough to have a strong relationship. 

Don’t ever forget White Day

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is the time Japanese women make something special to the people they love as a form of saying they also love you.

When they do give you something, usually chocolates, during Valentine’s Day, you are expected to show your appreciation during White Day, which happens every March 14. Failure to do so and they will definitely put that as a point off you. 

Fall in Love with Japan through Japanese girls

Dating a Japanese woman will definitely be a learning experience, especially if you are not familiar with their culture.

Before you consider them to be your date, it is important you are ready for the cultural differences that you will face as you date them.

If you take your time in studying their culture, you will be able to convince them that you are ready to take your time in your relationship and make it click. 

Your Japanese sweetheart will also appreciate your efforts because you recognize that your cultures are different from one another. They will also slowly warm up to you despite their reserved nature.

It will also prevent any misunderstandings from occurring, especially when it comes to what actions must be done in certain situations. You should also be patient, especially when it comes to speaking to your Japanese loves. 


We hope that this guide provided you with some great insight on how to date a Japanese girl.

Remember, if you want to date a girl and make them your forever, you need to be ready for anything and court them with respect. Good luck! And don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions about Japanese girls below.

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