Dating Belarusian Women: What You Need to Know

Hoping to woo Belarusian women properly? Here is a great guide that can help you out and teach you the dating culture of Belarus!

Belarus is a country not many people are aware of but it is actually one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Eastern Europe.

Many call it White Russia because of its diverse ethnic background which has shaped the country’s culture and tradition even at the present time. 

For those who are able to visit the country, its people have charmed them to the point some of them have found their love while in the country.

If you are lucky enough to know a Belarusian woman, you will find that their wit and charm is captivating. 

But, like other women around the world, there are certain protocols and traditions you have to consider before you can date them. Without knowing the country’s dating culture, you may end up losing the heart of your Belarusian love.

To help you out, we compiled all the information you need to successfully date your Belarusian woman without causing any headaches and heartaches in both your sides. 

Dating Culture in Belarus

Like their Eastern European counterparts, Belarus does share one or two dating cultures or traditions with their neighbors.

However, there are some dating traditions that are uniquely practiced in Belarus that you should take into account. Knowing them will definitely put you closer to your Belarusian sweetheart. 

Here are some of the major dating culture know-hows in Belarus that you need to know about: 


Even if Belarusian women are very beautiful and starting to adapt modern standards to dating, they are actually very conservative.

They will take their time to get to know the people trying to court them and they won’t engage in any physical contact with you until you get to know them better. 

Superstitions Are Real

In Belarus, superstitions influence their actions, especially when it comes to dating. You won’t see any Belarusian sitting on the corner of the table because they believe they won’t get married in the next seven years if they do.

They also don’t try on wedding dresses even for costumes because they believe it is only for brides-to-be. 

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Babushka’s Approval Is Needed

If you really want to date a Belarusian woman, you have to get the approval of their Babushka, meaning their grandmother.

Whether it is their grandmother, a friend of their grandmother or their great grandmother, you do have to get their approval or else your relationship is not going to work. 

No Sex Until After Marriage (in Some Cases)

Since Belarusians are very conservative when it comes to their dating traditions, don’t expect them to agree to a fling or casual sex.

When they date, they want to get to know the person, make sure that they are dating someone who can be their future spouses. 

This may vary from person to person, some girls are considerably less religious nowadays.

What do Belarusian Women look like?

Belarusian women are some of the most captivating women you can ever meet. From the root word “Bel”, they have very white skin which is seen as the purity of its people.

Their skin is paired with their large eyes, pointed chin, turned-up nose and plush lips which adds to their appeal. Blue eyes and blond hair is also very common amongst Belarusians. 

In terms of their figure, Belarusian women are model-like because they have long legs, slender necks and a beautiful waist.

Their figure is supported by their active lifestyle from the moment they are children. They also wear clothes that will accentuate their figures and their personality. 

Belorusian women also take time to make themselves beautiful. However, they don’t use a lot of makeup to showcase their features.

Their makeup is usually neutral because they are naturally pretty. Sometimes, you may even mistake that they went out bare-faced and clear of makeup. 

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Characteristics of Belarusian Women

Belarusian women can be a mystery for many foreigners who are able to meet and get to know them.

Although they are still traditional in many aspects of the dating game, they will definitely surprise you when it comes to how they see relationships and how they are as a person. 

Here are some of the characteristics you can expect from Belarusian women. 


Like their fellow Eastern European counterparts, Belarusian women are very charming and beautiful.

Their exotic colored eyes, perfect figure and facial features will blow your mind away. They are also graceful, adding to their charming personality and image. 


Aside from being charming, Belarusian women are also very smart. They can hold very interesting conversations with the people they meet and love, sometimes talking about economics, politics and other issues you don’t usually hear from women.

You may even find them researching other topics, such as world events and culture. 


Belarusian women are very career-oriented and you will be surprised to find out that they hold some of the most powerful positions in the company they are working for. They are also very active in politics and in the office. 

Do Belarusian Women Speak Good English?

Although Belarus considers Belarusian and Russian as their major languages, you won’t find it difficult to find Belarusian women who could speak English fluently.

Most of them can be located in the cities, especially the younger generation. Their level of proficiency is enough to be able to get along with them without creating a faux-pas or misunderstanding.  

However, if you want to play it safe and not make yourself look bad, learning Russian or Belarusian would help you out.

It is not always a guarantee that the woman you will meet can speak good English even at a basic conversational level. 

Being able to learn and speak Russian or Belarusian will also open more doors for you to meet other Belarusian women who you may not have been able to meet or speak with because they are not proficient with English.

If you are unable to keep up with them or unable to use the right words, take your time and they will forgive you for making a mistake. 

In almost all cases in larger towns and cities, people speak Russian even in a conversation among Byelorussians. Most will also have some variable level of knowledge of the Belarusian language.

What to Expect in Dating a Belarusian Woman?

Sincerity wins the game

There’s no correct way to get your Belarusian woman to fall in love with you or get a good impression on your first date.

However, if you show them your sincerity, they will definitely take note of it and put it as a good point for you. Even if they show that they are shy, you will be surprised that they can read you quite well. 

Never ever diss their country

Belarusian women are very patriotic and anything negative about their country, they will definitely react.

Respect their country and their culture. If you do make this mistake, take responsibility and they will forgive you. 

You need to understand them

If you want your Belarusian woman to understand you and stay with you, you have to be sensitive to what they are telling you.

You should also take the time to understand their culture and not focus on the stereotypes placed on them. 

Don’t set high expectations

Like dating Russians or Ukrainians, don’t expect your first date to go well if you are dating a Belorusian woman.

You will take your time to get to know them and you will need to go with their flow or else you won’t make any good progress with your courting.

Your dates will also be very simple and your Belorusian love will make it a point to ask you a lot of questions during these simple dates. 

Date Belarusian Women Today!

Belarusian women can definitely captivate any foreigner’s heart once they get the chance to get to know them and see what they are like.

When you do get to meet one, you will not only find someone who will be committed to you, but also find a friend that will be with you for life. 

When you do get to know them and get their trust, you will realize that their beliefs shaped who they are and you can also apply it in your relationship. Your relationship will be stronger and solid.

This way, you will appreciate things that you never thought are important when it comes to love. 

If you are indeed planning to date a Belarusian woman, make it a point to find out their dating culture first. Then, what they want in a partner before jumping right in.

Learning the language is also a big plus. It will prevent any misunderstandings, especially if the Belarusian you are dating is not that proficient in your language. You should also be patient with them. This is especially the case if they have never lived abroad.

We hope this guide helps you out in understanding your Belarusian love and teaches you great ways to woo them.

Remember, patience is a virtue and you should also remember that these women are in for the long run. It’s up to you if you want it to be your forever or not. Good luck!

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