Dating Vietnamese Girls: What Are They Like in a Relationship?

Interested in dating Vietnamese girls? Here is a brief but informative guide on what you need to know before you date one. 

For many people, Vietnam is a timeless destination where people are at an awe when they visit. Although some parts of the country are becoming urbanized and modernized, there are many areas around Vietnam that are well-preserved and add to the charms of the country. 

Aside from its unique locations and history, Vietnam is also known for its people, especially for people looking for love.

Vietnamese girls, in particular, are seen by some as goddesses because of their beauty and charms. Others even say Vietnamese women are very true to themselves that you will be surprised how interesting they are to be with. 

But, won’t Vietnamese girls be hard to date? What do they look for in an ideal date? Are there any traditions that must be considered before you date a Vietnamese girl? To answer all of these questions, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, here is our brief but informative guide about what you need to know about dating Vietnamese girls.

Dating Culture in Vietnam

beautiful young Vietnamese woman

Vietnam is a conservative society that influences many of its dating traditions. It is important that you are familiar with their dating culture because you may accidentally make faux-pas that may affect your relationship with these Vietnamese ladies.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the dating culture in Vietnam: 

Traditional gender roles

As mentioned above, Vietnam is a conservative society and as a result, it is a patriarchal society. Men are expected to be the main breadwinner of the family and be the head of the family.

Meanwhile, women are the ones who will take care of the house and the family. If you plan to date a Vietnamese woman, you should be the one to ask them out and plan it. Vietnamese women prefer men who can lead. 

Men pay for dates

In relation to the first point, the men are the ones who should pay for the date, especially the first one.

Being able to pay for dates show Vietnamese girls that you are financially stable. It helps them to understand that there won’t be any problems once you start a family. 


PDA is not allowed and frowned upon in Vietnamese culture. You will rarely see Vietnamese couples engage in them and they only do it when they are in private settings. Some may even say that they never did PDA before. 

No short flings, only long-term relationships that can lead to marriage

Vietnamese girls do not date for flings. When they go out to meet people and look for a prospective date, they are looking for the one who will be serious in their relationship.

Vietnamese girls are very monogamous. It will be very easy to piss them off if you show that you are not committed to your relationship with them. 

Vietnamese Girls Prioritize Family first

Vietnamese girls still live with their family, which is why you will need to contend with curfews and other strict guidelines from their parents.

They also value what their family thinks about you. If you do get intimate with them, you will be marrying the family as well. 

No premarital sex

It is not common in Vietnam to have one night stands, but it does happen. However, it is ideal if you take the time to bring your chosen girl out on dates because they want to get to know someone better before they go into a serious relationship with them. You may scare the girl off if you went on an offensive immediately. 

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What Do Vietnamese Girls Look Like

Vietnamese girls are actually one of the most beautiful women in Asia and one can attribute their beauty from their ethnicity. They have East Asian and Southeast Asian genes that makes them very pretty to look at.

Sometimes, you won’t even recognize that they are Vietnamese because they can look Thai, Filipino, Japanese, or even Latina with their looks. 

Like other Asian women, Vietnamese girls are actually petite and very cute. They have either milky-white or light-tan skin which adds to their cuteness.

They are also sexy, with curves and perfect legs making them very pleasing to look at. Their hair is also very thick and very long, accentuating their facial features. 

Since Vietnamese people are very conservative, Vietnamese girls often wear their traditional clothing most of the time.

But there are Vietnamese girls who dress up if they are going out with their friends and family, especially if they are located in cities. 

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Characteristics of Vietnamese Girls

Although Vietnam dialogues with the Western influence in Asia, Vietnamese women are still very conservative when it comes to their personality.

However, there are Vietnamese women who get spoiled by their foreign partners, which can be a turn off for some. 

If you find a Vietnamese girl to be with, you can expect them to be the following: 


Even if there are negative happenings around them, Vietnamese girls are very positive. They see all the positives and they don’t worry about things. When the bad things pass, they will go with the flow and think carefully about their next move. 


Vietnamese women are very caring and you will be very surprised that they will just do things without you having to say anything to them. They also make sure that everything you need is within reach if they can make it possible. 


Since Vietnamese women are very serious when it comes to their relationships, you can be assured that they are loyal to you. They are committed to your relationship and will be loyal to you until their dying breath. 

Do Vietnamese Girls Speak Good English?

The Vietnamese language is a rather difficult language. Even though it uses the Roman alphabet, it is still a tonal language, and pretty hard to learn for most Westerns, and even Asians.

The number of Vietnamese women who can speak in English perfectly varies, as a majority of those who can speak English are located in the city. For remote areas far from city centers, it can be hard to find those who can speak in English.

Some of the women you may end up meeting in remote areas may even speak French rather than in English. 

The reason why Vietnamese girls who can speak in English are a few is because most English teachers in Vietnam teach them Vietnamese English.

In Vietnamese English, the words they use are English but they have a Vietnamese sound. The longer they practice this, the harder it is for them to correct their vocabulary and pronunciation.

There are also those who are reluctant to remove their Vietnamese accent because of the belief they are no longer Vietnamese.

But, this belief is now changing the more younger people are exposed to English spoken by Americans and other fluent speakers through the internet. 

If you meet a Vietnamese girl, expect that they may slip into Vietnamese English at times. When it happens, don’t laugh and take your time in understanding what they are trying to say.

You should also take the time to learn some Vietnamese words to help you understand these girls when they do slip into Vietnamese English. Ask them to repeat what they are trying to say if you are uncertain if you heard them correctly. 

What to Expect When Dating a Vietnamese Girl

Needy and clingy is normal

It will be normal for Vietnamese women to be needy and clingy to their special someone. They will text or call you regularly to know where you are. It is a way for them to show you that they care about you.

If you ignore their calls and texts, they will definitely get mad at you and accuse you that you don’t care for them. This does continue if you end up marrying them. 

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Daily communication is a must

As we mentioned in the previous point, you will definitely get messages from your Vietnamese love daily to show you how much they care for you. It is also a way for them to know where you are and make sure you are not dating someone else. 

Talk straight to them and not in riddles

When you speak to a Vietnamese girl or any other Vietnamese, they do not like it if you do not go straight to the point. You must also avoid reading into the situation because it may cause misunderstandings that will affect your relationship with your Vietnamese partner. 

If She Cooks, You Will be Delighted

In case your Vietnamese partner is a good cook, you have hit the jackpot. The Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most varied and delicious in the world. It includes the famous soup dish Pho, but also many other stir fried dishes. Locals do not have restrictions towards any type of meat or food.

Vietnamese Beauty is Unique

Vietnamese women are definitely unique as they have a charm that can catch anyone’s interest. If you fall in love with a Vietnamese woman, your love will be forever because they are caring and loyal to their better half. 

Before you do look for a Vietnamese girl to date and love, make it a point to learn their culture, language and preferences.

This will help you strengthen your relationship with them and prevent any problems from occurring in your relationship. You should also take your time to get to know them because they will definitely appreciate it. 

Let this guide be your support in improving your relationship with a Vietnamese girl who may become the one for you. Be patient, respect their culture and traditions, and be true because when dating a Vietnamese girl, you can expect them to reciprocate. Good luck! 

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