Dating Russian Women: Everything You Need to Know

Want to date Russian women? We are here to give you an informative guide to help you understand the dos and don’ts of dating these women.

IMPORTANT: I know about the current geopolitical situation in the world. However, this should have no influence over the basics of Russian women. Please, keep all comments civil – we’re here to talk about beauty and relationships, not politics!

Back to Russian women, the truth is that many people have plenty of misconceptions and stereotypes that are usually wrong. Sure, the tall, beautiful, blonde femme fatale with her own interests can apply to some of the ladies from Russia, but most are among the nicest, most open minded and best people you can meet.

But, how can you get their attention? Wouldn’t it be difficult? What is their ideal date? Will it be similar to dating Western women?

To answer these questions, we’re here to give you a brief guide on what you need to know about dating Russian women to make sure that you catch their attention and get a fulfilling relationship with them. 

Dating Culture in Russia

Contrary to popular belief, Russia has a very unique dating culture that is slightly different from Western dating culture.

Before dating a Russian girl, you need to familiarize yourself with their dating culture to reduce any chances of insulting them before you get to know them better. 

While most of the country share similar values, bear in mind that there are many different republics in Russia. If you are dating a girl from Yakutia, do not expect the same patterns as a girl from Moscow or Mordovia. Yes, they are very similar to Belarusian women, for example – and others from the region.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the dating culture in Russia: 

Gender roles in Russia are still traditional

In Russia, traditional gender roles are still practiced. Men must be the perfect gentlemen and romance their lady loves to make them feel special.

Women, on the other hand, are expected to take care of the family and do all the chores. Russian women are very proud of their hard work and capability to take care of everyone. 

Dress to impress

In Russia, it is important that everyone dresses to impress. Russian women, in particular, will take time to dress up before going out on dates.

You will also need to dress to impress when you are taking your date out – even if that means sporting the latest Adidas sweat pants and t-shirt. But see what she likes first, because they’re not all impressed by this!

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Always be mindful of your body language

When dating a Russian woman, you should always wait for the woman to give you their hand. Physical contact is also very common in Russia, even on first dates.

This can be surprising for some because they may prefer being close to their partners when they know each other better. 

You will pay the bill!

As mentioned above, men are expected to woo their Russian female loves as a way to show their love.

You must arrive on time, help your women with their things and pay the bill. You should also bring them flowers and make sure they are the right number. 

Family first!

For Russians, family is very important and for Russian women, they will definitely abide by their family’s values and opinions.

During your relationship, you will definitely meet their family. You need to spend some time with them to get their approval, which is still considered at least somewhat important. 

What Do Russian Women Look Like

Russian women are often considered by many as one of the most beautiful women in the world. They have the perfect height for a woman – on average, around 6 feet. So they are tall and in turn they like tall, muscular men.

Their perfect image can be because of their rich heritage. Some women have Caucasian or Slavic ethnicity, while others have European ethnicity. 

One of the reasons Russian women have perfect looks is because they are very health conscious and have an active lifestyle.

Some Russian women are vegetarian and there are those who regularly attend fitness classes. They may even ask you to come with them during these sessions so that you too can develop a healthy lifestyle. So prepare to become a gym buff if you are not already one!

It is also rare to see Russian women who are not dressed to impress. They always take their time to look good and the clothes they pick are really great for their bodies. Even winter doesn’t change their fashion style. 

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Characteristics of Russian Women

Russia has a culture of its own that varies greatly from those in the West and sometimes, the rest of the world.

As a result, the characteristics of Russian women are mostly honed by tradition and culture. But, there are women who are now embracing modern traditions and have influenced their mindset. 

Here are some of the characteristics of Russian women that you can expect: 


Russian women are actually one of the most creative people you can meet. Most of the women you may meet may either have dancing or drawing as their hobby.

They are always looking for something interesting to do and you can bet it will be something creative. 


When you love Russian women, you will definitely find yourself overwhelmed because they are very passionate. They will devote their time and energy to captivate you. You will never get bored being with them. 


Many people share that Russian people, in general, are very loyal to the people they are with. They are very serious with their relationship and they will stay true to you. You definitely won’t find them betraying your trust because that’s far away from their minds. 

Interesting to speak to

Like their passion for anything that is related to the arts, Russian women are actually very interesting to speak to because they can talk to you about anything and even hear a different side of topics you may not have considered.

They also have a great sense of humor that will cheer you up immensely. Their sense of humor is completely different from a Japanese woman‘s sense of humor, so learn to adapt if needed.

Do Russian Women Speak Good English?

Russian women can actually speak really good English, especially younger Russian women.

However, because of their contrasting culture, there may be instances where they may misinterpret certain words and cause a misunderstanding.

For example, “no” for Russians means that you are ok to negotiate a compromise with them when you think “no” is something that can’t be done at all.

“Yes” for Russians are only used if they fully agree with your proposal. Americans often see “yes” as a “maybe.”

If you really want  to date a Russian woman and get to know them better, it is best that you know at least conversational Russian.

This will prevent any misunderstandings from occurring and also show your dedication in getting to know them. Don’t hesitate to use English words as well so that your Russian love will also learn its meaning at the same time. 

It is also important to remember that Russian accents can be pretty strong, which can be hard to understand at times. When this does happen, take your time in digesting what they said and ask for clarifications if there are points you didn’t understand.

You should also not laugh when they do let their accents out because it will be a turn off if you do. 

What to Expect When Dating a Russian Girl?

Making the first move

Russian women can be very hard to be close to because they can get really reserved. Even if they like you a lot, they won’t just make the first move and speak to you.

You have to be the one to break the ice and get them to open up. When you do, you will definitely discover they are very loving and caring. 

They have high expectations

If you have not dated before, you will definitely find yourself overwhelmed as Russian women can get very demanding.

When a man is dating them, they want the man to be the perfect gentleman and court them properly. They also want a man who will be ready to help anyone as if they are a superhero. 

Get ready to be stuffed with food

One way Russian women show their love is by cooking you a lot of food. Sometimes, you will find yourself as a guinea pig for their food experiments. It can be a hit or miss when this happens but it does show their wish to make you happy. 

Expect a lot of trips out

Russian women know how to relax and it is mostly done by going out on trips or going to clubs, opera, festivals and other big gatherings. It is also a great way for you to get to know them and also see how they are with other people. 

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From Russia with Love

Russian women are definitely a challenge to get to know, especially if you do not know where to meet them.

If you do meet them, you definitely need to be on your toes because they will test your truthfulness and determine if you are really serious in building a relationship with them.

When they see your resolve, they will slowly open the keys to their heart and show you that they appreciate your dedication and give you their loyalty. 

Before you do try to woo a Russian woman to be your forever, always do your research and familiarize yourself with their culture, language and preferences.

This will help you prevent making faux-pas, especially if you find their actions different from those you are accustomed to. You should also take things slowly because Russian women will definitely take their time in getting to know you. 

We hope this guide gave you an insight as to how your relationship will progress with a Russian woman.

Like in other relationships, be patient, understanding and truthful because if you do, the woman you are courting will definitely notice it and give their attention to you. Good luck!

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