Probably the Most Amazing Hotels in Turkey

I was searching for a destination for my 2012 holiday season and I’ve decided that this year I will visit Turkey – an all inclusive 5 star resort that will hopefully help me recharge my batteries. Therefore, I started the hunt for the best hotel in Turkey and after visiting tens of websites and checking out almost 100 hotels, I have decided to share some of my experience with you and show you some of the most amazing hotels in Turkey.

I have used data from my own personal searches, reviews from travel websites (especially and, of course, recommendations from my travel agency. The list that resulted shows you 10 of the best hotels in Turkey where you can spend an amazing holiday!

Fantasia Hotel De Luxe (Kemer)

An amazing 5 star resort as you can only find in Turkey – with All Inclusive accommodation – is the heaven for all couples that want to relax in the sun or just to have fun in their holiday. And believe me that there are a ton of things to do: enjoy the sun near the huge pool or visit the mini aqua park with three slides or better feel like a Sultan on the private beach and rent a Cabana that comes with a mini bar, a fan and even a butler! Fantasia De Luxe also has 5 restaurants (4 of which are a la carte) and if that’s not enough, 6 bars to test the local and import drinks. Need I say more?

Royal Holiday Palace (Antalya)

This hotel has an area of 53,000 square meters and was opened in 2011 so it’s still brand new. It has 4 pools, water slides (including smaller ones for kids) and even its own mini amusement park! And it looks like hotels in my wildest dreams. (Tip: for the same service quality, you can choose other hotels in the chain, like Royal Wings. Maybe not as impressive as this one but still really amazing!).

Pam Thermal Hotel (Pamukkale)

Nicholas Cage has stayed at this hotel and, even though he’s having problems with money now, he’s still an international superstar and you can imagine what kind of quality he requires. Although it’s situated in the middle of nowhere and it’s not near the sea, the red thermal waters that you can test there are simply amazing – and if you don’t like that you can always go for a bath in the pool. Next to the main hotel, there are many bungalows and an amazing garden with huge palm trees which will make your stay a dream come true. And since you’re there, you’ll have to visit the cotton castle (Pamukkale) which is simply amazing and breathtaking, considered by many a new world wonder – you can see it in the image below.

Delphin Palace Deluxe (Antalya)

Considered the best hotel in Antalya at the moment of writing (based on ratings on, Delphin Palace Deluxe has an aqua park and a mini fair, as well as all the possible ways you can imagine for spending your free time. From all the hotels on this list, Delphin Palace Deluxe is the one that tops it for me because I really am curious about their amazingly appreciated 5 star services.

Maxx Royal (Belek)

What would you say about having your own Maldives hut in the heart of Turkey, surrounded by the crystal clear water of the main pool (which is, by the way, surrounded by palm trees) and stepping in your private jacuzzy for an early massage? This is just a small percent of what Maxx Royal offers. Prepare to have your mind blown away!

Alva Donna (Belek)

This is the hotel I have chosen for this year’s vacation simply because it’s the cheapest of all in this list of amazing hotels in Turkey. However, I hope that this doesn’t mean less quality – the presentation is amazing and you can see that in the images below. Seems like “perfect holiday” material too!

Gural Premier (Tekirova)

This hotel is in the books for winning the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2012 (it’s one of the contenders) so you will certainly get the best possible service if you decide to visit as they certainly don’t want to lose this rather unique opportunity. And the price is decent if we are to counter balance it with the amazing design and facilities of this hotel, including the fact that it’s one of the best luxury hotels in the world anyway!

I don’t know about you, but I would really love to visit any (and all) of these amazing hotels in Turkey – let’s just hope that we’ll all have the chance to do this some day!

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