Shrek Wedding Is Real, Awesome

Two British lovers and at the same time fans of the Shrek series have decided to officially join their destinies during a Shrek-themed wedding that turned out to be incredibly fun, if we are to judge the screenshots below!

The couple, 40 year old Christine England and her now-husband Keith Green, 44, as well as the 100 guests wore Shrek-themed costumes and we must admit that it was at least an interesting act, with both the wife and the broom look wonderful, but apparently with one important guest missing: Donkey (although there is a big dog in one image, and that might be Dogkey or something, right?)


Christine said about their cool Shrek-themed wedding: “The idea just came to me. I knew what we would go as because Keith looks just like Shrek.” I’m sure that most of the people won’t take that as a compliment, but apparently Keith does.

Either way, congratulations to the newly wed couple, the Green family! And that was not a pun at all!


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