Tamsin Rae Is the Best Female Rapper You Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard of Tamsin Rae? Probably not, but you should’ve, especially if you are into rap music! But I am here to right the wrongs and make sure that you will be completely blown away by this girl. She is S.I.C.K!

Back in November 2014, she launched a video of her singing Eminem’s Rap God. Not the easiest tracks in the world, and she does an incredibly amazing job at it. She has mazing voice, great flow and proves that she can rap on the fastest beats out there and do a brilliant job. What makes the whole thing even more surprising is her cute and innocent look – you simply find it difficult to believe that a girl that looks so innocent can spit rhymes like she does.

So we’ll start checking out Tamsin Rae with her Rap God cover below. Make sure you watch it all, especially between 4:27 – 4:44:


She unfortunately has just one more video on her YouTube channel, which is just as good (and she seems to have gotten even cuter, to make an even bigger difference between her looks and singing). Check her out again (actual singing starts at 1:58 if you want to skip the talking part, and there is a bit of the video without sound at the beginning):


So, what do you think about Tamsin Rae? Isn’t she one of the best female rappers you’ve ever heard? If you agree, don’t forget to share so the entire world hears about this amazing girl!

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