Karina (from aespa) – Bio, Facts, Quotes & Everything You Should Know

If you are a k-pop fan, you probably agree that Karina from aespa is one of the most popular idols, so I’m here to give you some bio, facts, quotes, and everything else you should know about her.

Karina is part of the aespa k-pop group. She was recently voted by fans to be one of the two top female idols of the 4th generation, and I’m glad she won because she deserves the title fully.

If you want to know some quick facts about Karina here is her profile.

Karina Profile

Birthday: April 11, 2000

Height: 168 cm (5’6″)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Birth Name: Yu Ji Min

Place of Birth: Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Astrological Sign: Aries

TikTok: @aespa_official (Group Account)

Instagram: @aespa_official (Group Account)

Twitter: @aespa_official (Group Account)

Karina – Fun Facts

Now that we know the basic stuff about Karina, it’s time to get a bit more in-depth and check out some fun and interesting facts about her.

Her nickname is Karomi, she likes to play a lot of games on her mobile, one of her dreams is to visit Croatia, and wants to learn how to cook, how to do makeup, how to be a producer, and how to compose songs. I think she’ll be good at all of these.

She knows her biggest issues are that she’s shy and that she has a poor memory, but she’s trying her best. When she’s home she watches reruns of variety shows.

However, her biggest asset is that she cares for those around her and she’s pretty witty. She also likes to read in quiet places and attended a piano academy, even winning a prize.

She likes green tea, barley tea, carbonated drinks, and Iced Americano. Her favorite food is tonkatsu, she is one of those people that like pineapple pizza, and her favorite snacks and desserts are mint chocolate, jelly, and pink Pringles.

Her black belt in Taekwondo is probably the reason she developed a unique talent for catching things with her feet, but also why she cracks her knuckles a lot.

She loves springs and animals. Her favorite animals are cats, dogs, tigers, crocodiles, and sharks. She has an addiction to lipsticks and has tons of pink and red shades herself, but she also likes to give lipstick gifts to people.

I know someone else that has a thing for lipsticks, another k-pop star Yena, used to be part of the group IZ*ONE, and she has over 10 shades of pink and coral lipsticks.

Frequently asked questions about – Karina

Do you still have some questions about Karina? I have the answers below.

Is Karina single or dating?

There were rumors of her dating Hyunjin from StrayKids, but these rumors were never proven to be right. Maybe other members of StrayKids might know the answer, like Felix? Who knows?

What I DO know is that Karina’s guy type fits Hyunjin perfectly, as she stated she dreams of a nice guy that would love her, that has a pretty nose and that’s 180 cm. Hyunjin is 179 cm, so she wasn’t that far off.

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