4 Simple Ways to Live Better & Be Happy with Yourself

Tips to live better

In the wake of the economic recession, there has been a renewed focus on living well – maintain health, establishing meaningful relationships, helping the environment and being happy. This pull back towards the values that matter is a backlash to … Read more

Things about Ships in Bottles: Carafologists!

Should you appear on Jeopardy or another trivia oriented game show, ring in and answer, “What do you call someone who builds model ships inside glass bottles?” if you hear the word “carafologist“. These are individuals who work in tiny … Read more

Human-Dog Hybrid Is NOT Alive, It’s Art

I really panicked for a moment when our email address started to be flooded with a photo of a human-dog hybrid – an adult hybrid dog feeding some younger hybrid animals, something claimed to be an abomination and the result … Read more

Beautiful Megan Fox Has Toe Thumb

Even the most beautiful people in the world have their share of looks-related “problems”. Take Megan Fox, the beautiful Transformers star who has a “toe thumb”, as you can see in the picture above (via The Wrestling Fan). While the … Read more

How Did Bruce Lee’s Death Occur?

One of the most gifted and beloved martial arts actors was Bruce Lee, considered by many as the most influential martial artist ever. However, he unfortunately died at a very young age due to a terrible accident. So, how did … Read more

Shrek Wedding Is Real, Awesome

Two British lovers and at the same time fans of the Shrek series have decided to officially join their destinies during a Shrek-themed wedding that turned out to be incredibly fun, if we are to judge the screenshots below! This … Read more