How to Prevent Ticks on Humans

Today, we’re going to learn how to keep safe from ticks. While ticks usually prefer to feast on animals, it’s not uncommon for them to attach to human beings as well. And since prevention is better than anything, that’s what … Read more

4 Simple Ways to Live Better & Be Happy with Yourself

Tips to live better

In the wake of the economic recession, there has been a renewed focus on living well – maintain health, establishing meaningful relationships, helping the environment and being happy. This pull back towards the values that matter is a backlash to … Read more

Things about Ships in Bottles: Carafologists!

Should you appear on Jeopardy or another trivia oriented game show, ring in and answer, “What do you call someone who builds model ships inside glass bottles?” if you hear the word “carafologist“. These are individuals who work in tiny … Read more